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Sunday Mass Registration - February 28, 2021

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Max Capacity per Mass: 170
5:30pm Sat. Mass Count: (CLOSED)
9:00am Mass Count: (CLOSED)
11:00am Mass Count: (CLOSED)

 5:30PM Saturday Mass
 9:00AM Mass
 11:00AM Mass


   Sunday Mass Attendance Guidelines

a. Proper face covering is REQUIRED.

b. Max attendance capacity is 50%.  Seatings availability is approx. 170 in the church.

c. Attendees must social distance by 6 feet.  Family members can sit together but must be 6-ft apart from other attendees.

d. Every other row of pews are available for seating and are clearly marked.  Please follow the directions of the ushers. 

e. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and sanitize their hands before Mass and before receiving Holy Communion.

f. Holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer is not permitted.

g. The Sign of Peace remains suspended at this time.

h. Hands must be sanitized before receiving Holy Communion and must be received by hands only.

i. Face covering and gloves must be removed before stepping up to receive the Host.

j. When lining up for Holy Communion, attendees must distant themself from others by 2 rows of pews.

k. Sunday collection baskets are not passed around during Mass.  Baskets are placed at each church entries for the offering.  Methods of electronic and online fund transfers are available, see Parish website for more details.

l. When exiting at the end of Mass, please wait for ushers' leads & guidance.

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